Eltz Castle

What makes Eltz Castle so Unique

Eltz Castle is different. It remained unscathed by wars. It has been owned and cared for by the same family from when it was built until today. Its architecture has no comparison and many of the original furnishings of the past eight centuries still remain in place. There is a Treasury and Armoury boasting world-class artworks in gold and silver. It towers high on a large rock, but is still in a valley. The Eltz Forest, a nature reserve of serene beauty, full of rare fauna and flora, surrounds it. It is in the center of an attractive hiking region with the award-winning dream hike "Eltz Castle Panorama" and other walks for any level of fitness.

The section "Eltz Castle – The Attractions" presents the highlights of "the quintessential castle" (Georg Dehio) as well as information about the building, the furnishings, the history, the nature reserve Eltz Forest, famous visitors and much more.